House Concerts

Dave Land Rocks a House Concert


House Concerts are not a new concept, but they have gained a whole new popularity lately. Imagine going to a show with your friends where you don’t have to deal with long lines to park, long lines at the ticket counter, long lines to get in, long lines for the restrooms, long lines at the concession stands (and the nasty nachos and $12.00 beers waiting for you when you get to the front of the line). Too good to be true you say? Not anymore I say.
Welcome to the coolest concept ever! House Concerts are personal, private performances held in the comfort of someone’s home, backyard, clubhouse, etc. The audiences are typically between 20 and 30 people so forget about long lines for parking or the bathroom. And you know how those big venues have the “affordable” seats so far away you can’t see who’s actually performing without the aid of a giant video screen or binoculars? Now that’s a thing of the past as well.
A House Concert is absolutely your own “private” show. A party with live music is just that, a “party”, and the party is the main focus with the music being secondary. A House Concert is a “Concert”! Your very own, intimate, private show by a top tier band or performer. Your guests will walk away with the feeling they were part of something very special. Got your attention? It’s really easier than you think. Here’s how it works:


Guests are encouraged to arrive about an hour before the show. Near the stage area, the band(s) will have assembled a concession table stocked with CDs, t-shirts, posters, etc. and guests are welcome to peruse and/purchase the merchandise. There is an informal reception with food (appetizers and finger food are generally a great idea) and beverages (alcoholic or non alcoholic are at the discretion of the venue). These are provided by a host, group of hosts, or could be entirely pot luck. The host, at his/her discretion, may choose to provide a smoking area away from the stage, seating, concession table, food area and bar. Approximately 10 minutes before showtime, the guests are asked to be seated (yes, everyone has a seat!). At this time the food area, concession table and bar are closed. Once everyone is seated, the host will give a brief speech welcoming everyone and explaining the itinerary for the evening (this will be discussed and ironed out with band management well in advance of the concert date so there is no guess work on behalf of the host). After the “welcome speech”, the show will begin. If there is an opening act, they will perform a short set, approximately 20 minutes, followed by a brief intermission. Guests may choose to take a quick bathroom break at this time. At the host’s discretion, the bar, concession table and smoking area may be opened briefly.                     The intermission should last approximately 10 minutes after which time, guest are once again asked to be seated and the bar, concession table and smoking area are closed. The host then introduces the Headliner and the main show begins. The Headliner’s set typically lasts about an hour. After the performance, the host acknowledges the Headliner and opener, and again thanks the guests for coming. At this time, the concession table will re-open. The performers will be available to sign autographs, pose for photos, answer questions, kiss babies, etc.   The host, at his/her discretion, may choose to re-open the bar and/or provide coffee or finger desserts. The post concert meet-and-greet will last up to an hour at which time the performers will take their leave. It’s as simple as that!

Please watch the attached video to see clips from a House Concert, commentary and interviews with guests, management, performers, the host and support personnel. Start planning your House Concert Today!

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